Forged Irish Stout

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As March rolls around, Boston and the greater New England region prepare to embrace their rich Irish heritage in full force. And this year, the festivities are getting an exciting boost as the Free Jacks, New England’s championship rugby team, join forces with Forged Irish Stout to mark the occasion in style.

Daiku were asked to create a Irish Heritage Jersey that not only celebrated New Englands Irish roots, but to celebrate the partnership of Forged Irish Stout and the Free Jacks.


Drawing inspiration from the deep green synonymous with Irish tradition, the jersey seamlessly incorporates the hues of Forged Irish Stout, creating a visual ode, not only to Irish Heritage, but also captures the Celtics and the Bruins color schemes. But it’s not just about colors – the design intricately weaves in elements that speak to the heart of New Englands of Irish heritage.

At the forefront of the design is the Celtic Braid, a timeless symbol deeply rooted in Irish culture and a central motif of Forged Irish Stout‘s brand identity. This intricate pattern serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit and craftsmanship associated with Ireland.

Adding to the symbolism are the three claymore swords, evoking the turbulent history of medieval and early modern Ireland. These swords, once wielded in fierce clan warfare against English incursions, now stand as a testament to resilience and defiance – qualities echoed in the spirit of both the Free Jacks and Forged Irish Stout.

And as a nod to their partnership, the Forged logo proudly takes its place at the top of the jersey’s back, symbolizing the shared values and commitment to celebrating New England’s Irish heritage.

SERVICES: Brand Management // Brand Strategy // Branding // Clothing Design // Creative Direction // Heritage Design // Logo Design // Sports Marketing


The collaboration between Forged Irish Stout and the Free Jacks is more than just a sponsorship – it’s a celebration of community, culture, and the unbreakable bonds forged through sport and shared traditions. So, as the St. Patrick’s Day Festival approaches, get ready to witness history in the making as these two iconic brands come together to honor the spirit of the Emerald Isle on the rugby field. Cheers to a partnership as robust as the stout itself, and may the green jersey bring luck to the Free Jacks as they take on Old Glory in this special celebration of Irish pride.