Free Jacks Festivals

Branding // Clothing Design // Creative Direction // Logo Design // Sports Marketing


For the second year running, Daiku creative were asked to design the Free Jacks Festival Theme Posters.

The poster collections will be used to advertise festival, build digital ads, be used for merchandise and festival tees.

It is important that the festivals carry different color schemes, however building a collection is something the Free Jacks had not done before, the team was open to using a unifying style across the 8 posters.


Each Festival has it’s own theme, and we began by sketching scenes that captured each theme and told a story that instantly captures the viewers imagination.

For example, the St Patricks Day festival is Sponsored by Forged Irish Stout, by taking brand icons like the Forged Irish Stout’s sword and tying them with a bearded Blacksmith-leprechaun captured a scene that worked across both brands and told a story of an Irish Heritage festival.

SERVICES: Branding // Clothing Design // Creative Direction // Logo Design // Sports Marketing

Designing for production

Daiku was tasked with building hundreds of assets, 8 festivals all requiring more than 50 digital assets, social media sizing, merchandise, posters and physical banners.

Be using simple color palettes, the posters were designed with ease of production in mind, which in turn reduces production and printing costs.

We not only sold out of all Merchandise, but we broke stadium records and these beautiful Images were key to our success.