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In 2021, The Free Jacks, a professional rugby team from New England launched two new sub-teams. Firstly, a Junior Squad called the Junior Jacks, focused on under 19’s. Secondly, an amateur development squad focused on developing adult players from the New England Rugby community.


Both the Junior Jacks and Independents logos must be directly cohesive with the overall Free Jacks Brand. In order to achieve this, we took design elements from the original Free Jacks logo, ensuring absolute cohesion.

Like the Free Jacks Logo, The Junior Jacks Drumstick and Flag takes inspiration from the revolutionary war. During this period, children were not able to actively serve, however, Young Revolutionaries could be found playing drums and holding banners on the battlefields.

The Independents are not professionals, much like the revolutionaries that inspired the flag design. The Forster Flag is a revolutionary flag containing 13 Stripes. It was made by cutting up the Union Jack’s white stripes and sewing them into a new formation. It is the only surviving rebel flag that was made in this way. Symbolizing Freedom from the Union Jack; in essence “Free” of the “Jack”.

SERVICES: Brand Strategy // Branding // Clothing Design // Logo Design // Sports Marketing

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When creating a brand inspired by historical events, the success of that brand is forged in the research stage.

Strength of concept is important in all brands, however, when building a brand that aims to fuse multiple concepts, research becomes imperative. When looking to fuse the “revolution” style brand of the Free Jacks to a junior team, we began by looking into the role of young people in the revolution. Understanding the role that children played in the war dictated how we began to look at iconography and the overall brand feel of the Junior Jacks.

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