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Refreshing heritage brands is something that we are well known for; however taking a heritage Dairy logo, refreshing it, and then molding it into a motorcycle brand was not a standard request.

Ray, the owner of Happy Valley, acquired the brand from his family dairy business and although he had no desire to continue the dairy legacy, he was keen to take the brand and have it reworked in order to open a motorcycle shop.

Ray asked that we not only re-create the original logo but also create a simple icon that would capture the entire logo and look great on classic motorcycle badges and pins.


With the utmost respect to the original logo, we began by studying an old milk bottle from the dairy. With a little research, we evaluated vintage bottle printing and determined several print inconsistencies. This allowed us to recreate the logo as close as possible to the hand-drawn original.

Once we had re-created the original logo, we began working on a simple brand mark that would tie the logo to the classic motorcycle industry. Using the capital H&V alongside winged tips, took Happy Valley from Holstein to Harley.

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Ray Lanzillo approached us after he had acquired the name and brand ‘Happy Valley’ from his great grandparents dairy business. Founded in the early 1900s the brand had seen a few different logos, however this is one that stood the test of time until closing in the 1990s.

It was important to Ray and his family that the utmost respect and attention to detail be paid to the redesign of the original logo. There was no official branding documentation, however he did have an old milk bottle.

Using the old bottle, we carefully mapped the logo and gave it a few tweaks. The original logo had been hand drawn and had a few inconsistencies from the printing process. Using our knowledge of how logos were made and printed we recreated the brand-mark to its former glory.

It is always important to take care when re-creating a heritage brand, but with so many years of success and so much emotion attached to Happy Valley, we were keen to ensure perfection in its recreation.

To recreate my grandparents dairy brand and to apply it to a motorcycle shop is phenomenal.