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Comstock Studios and Muir-Chase Plumbing approached us to assist in the development of their website. Secondly, Muir-Chase Plumbing was looking to develop a brand for their charitable foundation; donating to local non-profits and offering scholarships to Muir-Chase employees’ children for financial support in further education.


Focusing on the heritage of 75 years in commercial plumbing led us to design a simple functional website that focused on Muir-Chase’s history of success and quality.

Using high-quality images and clean simple brand colors we allow the viewer to see the extent of excellence for themselves.

SERVICES: Branding // Logo Design // Website Design

ASSETS: Website Design // Brand Development // SEO // Content Creation //


We have helped the Muir-Chase foundation from conception. Assisting in website development, logistics, and design. We are proud to work alongside Muir-Chase Foundation year after year in order to benefit local charitable causes.

We have assisted in the development of payment systems for donations, helped with the foundation’s awareness and advertising collateral, and assist the scholarship application process annually.

The Muir-chase foundation logo was created in collaboration with Comstock studios. Scott of Comstock Studios designed the original Muir-Chase Foundation logo, we then took this logo and refined it for the website and future roll-outs.

We love the work that Daiku Creative & Comstock Studios have done for us, not only on the website, but for the Muir-Chase Foundation.