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Wilder Flowers is a small flower farm in Vermont that specializes in wildflower arrangements. After a fast growth period, Wilder Flowers needed a brand that highlighted the juxtaposition between the wildness of natural flowers and the clean crisp hard work that leads to a successful flower farm.


Flower farms are beautiful places, although they look like untouched natural beauties, they are in fact the result of hours of hard work. Every inch of soil is sculpted for success and In order to tell this story, we married natural forms with clean shapes.

Combining a bold serif font with the natural grace of hand-illustrated flowers highlighted the juxtaposition of the flower farm and the work that goes into making it look so beautiful.

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Elegance is the most important feature of this design. Exploring the juxtaposition between bold serif fonts and natural flowing floral forms must be done with soft hands, much like arranging a beautiful flower display.

We are really proud of this beautiful brand that marries the natural forms with clean shapes.