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SixFourFive Fitness is a fitness and exercise business that focuses on giving military veterans a safe space to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Veterans often find it hard to get back to normal life; SixFourFive was created to give retired vet’s a space that offers a similar training routine to that found in the military.

We were asked to create a logo that was clean and gym focused, without telling the story of the military aspects of the brand.


645 was the tag number of the founder, using this, we were keen to make sure that the logo was not disrespectful to his service.

We set out to create a simple logo that effectively conveyed the clean numbers and a dumbell within the negative space.

Matthew was very keen to keep a strong black dark feel to the brand and that is why we used a simple black and white color palette.

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Using negative space

Focusing on the structure of the numbers 6, 4 and 5, Matthew (owner) was keen to incorporate a dumbell within the brand-mark. We used the negative spaces within the 6 and 5 to create the rounded structure of the weight, while using the 4 to represent the bar grip.

I love my logo, and I am so excited to see it every day.