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In 2021, The Hanover High School student council voted to remove The Marauder team name and mascot.

After much debate, the council chose to rename the athletics teams “Hanover Bears” and created a design competition for a new “Bears” logo.

The bear should represent the school, the students, and its overall brand.


In March 2022, we submitted the following designs to the competition.

We started by looking at sports logos; often high school sports teams use very unoriginal logos and icons. Simple animal characters are often downloaded from vector sites and pasted onto sports gear.

Hanover is an award-winning school, offering its students access to the highest levels of education and sports. The school is known for its academic and creative surroundings so a simple bear head would simply not make the cut.

We offered Hanover a bold and original logo, something that couldn’t be mistaken for any other high school or college.

The design uses bold angled lettering to form the shape of a bear walking. We have deliberately chosen to avoid the classic angry bear as this doesn’t align with the school’s diplomatic policies.

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We are awaiting feedback on our submission to Hanover High Schools design competition.

We have submitted the logo to the competition and are awaiting feedback.