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Vermont Maple Barbeque is made in Vermont, by Vermonters with real Vermont fruitwood. Producing Vermont’s finest authentic & award-winning slow-smoked wood-fired BBQ, topped with an in-house maple rub and sauce.

Vermont Maple Barbeque not only has a hole-in-the-wall location but provides a food truck at Festivals, Fairs, and Special Events. With this in mind, the brand needs to be fun, eye-catching, and represent the unique nature of Maple BBQ.

The logo must represent the fun, maple, bbq, and heritage that stands out from the crowd.


Maple Syrup is soft and runs smoothly out of the jar. While watching maple run from a spoon I visualized the similarities between the soft syrup and rubber hose illustration that was popular in the 1930s.

Using the Rubber Hose style of illustration and character development I began to sketch a simple maple leaf, bringing it to life with eyes, arms, and legs.

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A fall color palette was the obvious choice in this design, and sometimes the obvious choice is the one that makes the most sense. The deep reds, yellows, and greens scream Vermont Maple.

I love how well the rubber hose style matches the drizzling maple syrup.