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We were asked to create a consumer-focused footwear brand that would appeal to young restaurant and hospitality workers.

The aim of the brand was to sell to people who needed to purchase a non-slip shoe but wanted a brand that could work alongside their general aesthetic. The brief used Celebrity Chef Matty Matheson as a direct target consumer. The brand must feel fun, fresh, urban, and alternative.


When choosing a character to represent the hospitality industry the lemon seemed to be the most applicable. From salad dressing, cocktails, and even lemon-scented cleaning
products; this citrus fruit is tied to all areas of the industry.

Using Matty Matheson’s style as a reference, we developed a twist on the classic American
rubber hose design style. From start to finish,a the Shifty’s brand was created by hand. Shifty’s bespoke design is loosely based on ‘Reklame Script’ however every letter has been hand edited to improve the fluidity and cohesiveness of the brand mark.

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The Concept

This concept considers the shoe’s non-slip feature. The way that the character falls was inspired by the OSHA “wet floor sign”. This brand has many subtle influences without being obvious or overly niche. The brand is fresh and fun and lends itself to animations and sticker packs. The key to this brand’s success is appealing to the human that is wearing the shoe and not the job that they perform.

I am really proud of the Shifty's brand that we created.