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After wasting weeks with designers from 99 designs, Morgan at Torch Family Capital was tired of having lackluster options and approached Daiku Creative to build a price friendly logo that could be used across all forms of media.

Torch Family Capital is a third generation business and is dedicated to helping people ‘pass the torch’ to the next generation. The brand needed to feel modern while still conveying a sense of heritage and strength.


Daiku Creative’s first challenge was to find a way to convey heritage while retaining a modern feel. Centering the design around a shield or crest brought the sense of heritage and legacy to the icon, while the thin delicate line work reflects brings a modern aesthetic.

The second challenge was to identify the passing of the torch within the icon, using simple graphic style shapes, the hands represent strength and steadiness, while passing the torch.

Finally the logo needed to be flexible enough to work across various assets, so creating various logo layouts was key.

Overall the brand marries strength, security and heritage with a modern style that looks great across all touch points.

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Torch Family Capital use various software and systems that have varying logo requirements so a range of logos and arrangements were key for this project. Using multiple horizontal word-marks and crest arrangements allowed for multiple uses while still offering brand cohesion.

We love our logo